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Steel Games Inc. "State of the Game" report:

Alrighty guys, it's been about three weeks since the last update, the "Dreams and Nightmares Expansion" has been added to the overall series. This post will outline the plans for the rest of this game, plans for the future "Immortal Justice" game series (sequels, possible merchandise, possible animation/cartoon), as well as plans for the Steel Games future projects that aren't necessarily related to Immortal Justice.

I would just like to take a moment to thank my followers, my supporters, and my players for making this dream a reality. I wasn't expecting at any point for my game to get anywhere NEAR the top 50 charts on Itch under the tag "furry", so you can imagine my delighted surprise when I see my game in the top 10 games list, next to massive titles like Sileo, Dawn Chorus, and Nekojishi. I also wasn't expecting to get anything like nearly three thousand downloads in the first year of the official game's release. Thank you all so very much, and I cannot wait to keep putting out content for you all to enjoy!

Now, onto the good stuff. This section will be pertaining to the Immortal Justice game series. Due to the sudden onset popularity of the first game (Which hasn't even been fully released yet, by the way), the groundwork and approval for the next game in the series has been set. "Immortal Justice: Element of Surprise" is in planning as of right now. Unfortunately, it is still in its heavy planning stage. I am doing character submissions! If you did not know, multiple characters from the first game actually do not belong to me! Mochie, Flames, Azora, Soba, Athena, and Atheon actually all belong to members of the Creative Art Den, the official server that belongs to Steel Games, and its projects. If you would like to have a chance to submit your character for game review, or maybe just get more updates on current game projects, feel free to Dm me on Discord at Apollyon Steel#3210 (Or, just join the official server -> As mentioned before, the game is still in its heavy planning phase, but it has been approved, and will be in development!

As for other games NOT related to the Immortal Justice series:

Yes, your cries have been heard. A romance-style game has been approved for development as well. "A Week to Remember" will be a romantic interactive visual novel, with choices to help strengthen or weaken relationships with the involved characters. I will NOT be taking character submissions for this game, as I don't want anybody's character to come in to any false lights, motives, or actions. I will be using my own personal characters. For now, though, those characters will be remaining a secret. Have fun sleeping at night knowing that you won't know who you might date until the game comes out ;)

"A Week to Remember" is set to start planning and development after the third and final chapter of the first Immortal Justice game is released.

Finally, the newest BIG PROJECT game. The game "Chaos Shifters" has been in planning, writing and development since May of 2020. A roleplay that has been taking place in a discord server for almost two years (with multiple authors, and over FOURTY MAIN CHARACTERS) has finally cleared approval. This game will be released in many lengthy chapters, and the full game has been projected to reach 500+ hours of reading. This game will be STRICTLY reading and pictures. Unfortunately, a game with such size is just impossible to incorporate choices. But, with themes of violence, romance, drama, horror, tragedy, and full of plot twists and surprises, the Visual Novel I'm sure will keep your attention without problems :)

Thank you all for your patience in current endeavors, and I hope you all have a good rest of the year!

With gratitude,



Here we are, guys! On the day of Christmas Eve, I present to you, Chapter 2: Darkest Times (Dreams and Nightmares Expansion Pack)! With almost two times the choices and two times the reading content, this is the OFFICIAL full chapter 2 of the Immortal Justice series! For more updates and more insider info, feel free to join the discord server! ( ) Thank you all so much for your patience, and I hope you all have a Happy Holiday/ Merry Christmas! Other than this new release, make sure you stay tuned! TONS of special news coming up for continuations of THIS game series, as well as a few NEW announcements about newer ideas and games!

Peace and Love, with thanks for every single one of you,


good game so far


Hi there guys! Long time no talk! I am REALLY sorry for the delays in releasing the newest update. In the past month, I have had THREE visits to the hospital, and ONE surgery. I'm am now on the road to recovery, and I plan to resume the updates to this game! Thank you so much for your support!

With love,



Hey, their, guys! I have officially plotted out the storyline for the Dreams and Nightmares Extension Pack for Chapter 2. Release date is gonna be right around Late October/ Early November! I'm excited for the new release, and I hope you guys are, too!

On some other news, I have also expanded my horizons to a platformer/fighter game-making engine known as M.U.G.E.N. I might be making a release of a new game after this game is finished, or I might be making another Visual Novel (A lot of people were asking for a romance novel with Apollyon 0_0)

I apologize for delayed updates, as I was at the hospital with a blood clot about a month ago, and am STILL recovering from side effects. Hope y'all are having a great day, and I'll see ya later!

With deep thanks for your support, 



i tried to play the 2nd chapter but this came up as soon as it started to search for the 1st chapters save file  and i dont know wht to do, HelpQwQ

also i love your work,its amazing!!

Okay, that’s ANOTHER bug I gotta fix. I’ll update the game in about four hours, as I’m currently at work irl

Thank you ^w^

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The 1.3 Edition of the Second Chapter is out!

Immortal Justice Chapter 2: Darkest Times just had it's 1.3 Patch! 


Fixed file error where second game couldn't find chapter 1 save file -Music is now a more controllable level and not blaring loud, even with music bar turned all the way up

Dialogue with certain characters have been reworked

Noticeable typo and grammar error fixes

Chapter 2 release 1.4 will contain the Dreams and Nightmares Expansion Pack, with TWO TIMES the readable content, more music, and a sneek peek look at the up and coming Chapter 3: Bloody Rivers!(edited)

(Thank you, that is all, lol)

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I can't wait to see! 

Another thing in the trailer :

Can you save all of them?                          

And I just want to question it:

How many endings will be? 

If we didn't save one (or more) that's have bad benefits? Interesting, helpful informations (deeper back stories?) that we only get if we save her/him I mean.      


There is 8 wolfs and if we didn't save 1 we still got 7 and if we didn't save 2 we got 6..... But there is the twist and that's is the names: Appolyon, Soba for example they are dead we still have 6 wolf but in this case what about Athena, Flames and we still got 6 in this case too 

So yeah literally way too many possibilities and this is why I'm asking about the endings 

Hate to be THAT guy, but that's for ME to know, and for YOU to find out :D



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Lol (that's definitely a bruh moment for me) 

Howdy! It has been brought to my attention that Chapter Two has a bug where it can’t find your save file from Chapter 1, to fix this, I will be restricting Chapter 2’s save format, so there will be a 1.4 release coming out soon! Stay tuned guys, and I’m so sorry about the bugs!

Hello, i just download and finished first chapter, then i download and tried to play second chapter, but game says that it's can't locate save files from the first chapter. What should i do?

First, what device are you playing on?

Second, make sure you have the LATEST EDITIONS of BOTH CHAPTERS!

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I'm playing on windows. I wrote this comment the same day i downloaded first and second chapter from, so i guess the latest.

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I'm playing on windows and I can't figure out how to start chapter 2. I've completed chapter 2 on the latest version and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to do something after that to be able to play chapter 2. if anyone could tell me how to do this this it would be much appreciated.

So, you need to make sure you’ve completed the VERY LATEST VERSION of chapter 1, in order for it to work. If you could maybe send screenshots of the problem, I’d be better able to help :)

There isn’t much I could really send a picture of. When I try to start chapter 2 it’s just says that I haven’t completed the latest version of chapter 1 or something like that. I’ve gone through and completed chapter 1, 1.3 so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Okay, let me take a look at the code. I'm not exactly seeing anything that would merit the game to DO this, but I'll see what I can do to fix it.

Okay, do you have the latest version of CHAPTER 2, because there WAS an update for chapter 2 as well.

I believe I got the latest version of chapter 2 as well. I've got chapter 2, 1.2 for windows.

Did you make sure you deleted the old files? The old games

Because if those codes compile, it renders the game useless. Try deleting the older versions of the game. If not, delete ALL files, and then replay the first chapter, then the second.

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Android version missing Starry Night Sky file 

And when you are choose Appolyon and Moncie you just see error message until chapter 2 ends (with the errors) but the other choices are working and I still really like this visual novel 

hmmm lemme see here

Okay, so that’s not a file side, that’s on android’s side. You might either be missing an update, cuz I’ve checked ALL the game files, and I’m not seeing how it could have messed up. I’ll keep looking tho, but I think this might be on your end.

so you need to restart your device (turn it all the way off, then back on. Cuz it’s a LOADING error, not ‘image not found’

Okay, did it work out?

No didn't work I restarted 2 times I redownload it once..... but I still got my older phone and guess what? 

But this is my Huawei and I got Samsung so E.M.U.I. and Android but maybe it just a Samsung only thing? (because others didn't report any type of android bugs) 

 Or I don't know maybe I'm the only person that who this type of high level of unfortunate whit this visual novel 

oof. Welp, glad it works for you now!


You need to allow storage permissions for both chapters in settings for it to work


Hey, y'all, Apollyon here. 

Unfortunately, due to a lot of bugs and errors, I will be removing both old and newer android model editions of the second chapter from the page. It seems to be bugging with the phones, and nothing I do appears to fix it. I ask that you please delete BOTH chapter 1 AND chapter 2 from your devices, as I will soon be releasing an updated version of BOTH CHAPTERS to better fit with android devices. Give me about an hour, and I will have both updates up. Until then, please feel free to leave any feedback in the comments!

Okay. Here comes the heavy part. Unfortunately, due to school starting up for me again, Chapter Three: Bloody Rivers, will be much more SLOW to process, plan and release. I'm estimating some time around December 2021-January 2022. Any future releases of any different games (Like the much-requested romance novels featuring Apollyon the Wolf) will probably becoming out in the Summer of 2022 or later. That being said, this does NOT mean that those are locked in dates. They could come earlier, or later, depending on my schedule.

In the meantime, here are some patch notes that will be happening UNTIL Chapter 3 is released:

-Immortal Justice Soundtrack Release (Including a new soundtrack featured in Chapter 2:" Moody Night Blues") (Available to listen on Youtube, or download directly from

-Expansion pack for chapter 2, including MUCH more reading content, PLENTY of more choices to make, and much more info to be added

-Depending on popularity/request, a livestream, set right now for October Tenth, around 5:00 Eastern Standard Time, which will be used to discuss any questions you all might have, as well as explain the process behind the making of the game, music, etc.

-And, last but not least, a new TEASER TRAILER coming soon for Chapter 3: Bloody Rivers.

If you all have anymore questions, feel free to email my business email at, or, DM me on Discord! (Apollyon Steel#3210)

Have a good night, you guys.

With love, and gratitude for your love of my creations, 


When will part 3 be out

Did you...even read the message you replied to?

Sorry kinda new to this

Don't worry about it lol, I was laughing behind my screen XD